new colors

So I saw one picture in tumblr and I just had to buy a similar outfit. I've never had any clothes in these colors so this is pretty new to me :'D I still want a beige scarf for this outfit and I have to wait because it's too cold to not wear a jacket which ruins this outfit.

new jeans, white shirt and a knit. scarf is old!

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Hannz kirjoitti...

youre so sweet cute asdfghjkl x3

Heikki / no7 kirjoitti...

Hannz aww thank you so much :)

Saph kirjoitti...

The outfit reminds me of mori kei :3 and you look cute as always ~

-CaptaiN kirjoitti...

This outfit is awesome! o: I like the colours and the combination. Well done. :D
Could you tell me where you bought them? Especially the jeans and the knit? They are really cool.

Heikki / no7 kirjoitti...

Saph aaa ok, thanks :)

-CaptaiN thank you! I bought the jeans from gina tricot actually cause I didn't find any similar from any "men's" store :'D and the knit was on sale on Monki.

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