recordings and photoshoots

Yesterday I was shooting Alex in location, and the location was our friends apartment in a very high end area of Helsinki. Or at least I think it is high end area *laugh*

Well anyhow we took some photos there and it was nice cause I got to try out some things i've been wanting to try for a while now. There might be few other photoshoots coming up and I'll post results whenever I can. I already made one edit of alex but I don't wanna publish it yet cause I need to know what he will pick etc. And if he want's to publish first.

Life at school looks more promising now that I got everything sort of sorted out. So I think I'll manage.

We are also currently working on our new single with our band. Everything is kind of a secret yet but we will post when the time comes.


So yes the micro head is coming to finland so go check out the fb page and if you are interested please come to the gig! I'll be there as always when we organize something so if you have a change, come say hello to me
Jrock is not dead yet people !!!!

I'll have few post ideas that I want to write but i'll need to work (write) them first so later it is. Now I'm just spamming few face shots of ME.

neko edit *laugh*

I'm using this shirt a lot actually *laugh* I just like it so much so :DDD (from: virgin blak)

BTW. Follow my instagram and twitter if you don't already. I love when people interact and I'm trying to interact even more as well!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Can't wait to hear. You look so cute (:

Heikki / no7 kirjoitti...

Anonyymi thank you so much! ^^

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