Things have changed

So if you are new to my blog I took like half a year break from blogging and closed my blog so that no one could read it. Reason was lack of motivation etc etc. So now I'm back, and I thought that maybe i'll just open this blog so that if I have something to say, I can write it here. Like longer things etc that are too long for fb or twitter. And since my fb is private anyway so... Well it's currently January 2013 and I'm gonna post shit loads of face pics of me so you can see where I kind of went "style wise". And yes it's pretty much a recap from instagram but aren't those "this is my 2012 year" -posts something like that anyway.

I have to say that I feel more "home" with my current hairstyle than ever. I've learned things etc. I'm not gonna tell about my 2012 cause it sucked in many ways but I still learned many things though. I'm currently still studying and will begin my second year in a week.
This time around I'm not making any promises with this blog so that it doesn't kill me. I'm updating when I feel like so. It's better like that because then I don't have any obligations to update or anything. I'm still most active in Twitter & Instagram. Oh and my Tumblr

I would also like to thank my twitter followers for being more active than ever. Needless to say I like when there's interaction. So now here's too many pics of my face for you to enjoy. Feel free to ask anything, I usually answer, but if it's too personal then maybe not.

These are not in time order or anything. But the last picture is the most current one!


vk-theme party / davy's farewell


did 1 week workout program and here's the result 
tried my "old" hairstyle again and it was sooooo difficult to make cause I haven't done it in a long time.

around christmas at my parent's

new year's eve!

And last this is a picture of me taken yesterday. So this is how I look at the moment. The haircolor is a bit faded so I need to color again soon. I liked it when it was darker.

I did have some other pics but I was too lazy to get them from instagram cause I had these on my computer already. So happy new year to everyone and hopefully this year will be better than the last one.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

ei vitsit toi super blondi sopii sulle tosi hyvin.

Heikki / no7 kirjoitti...

kiitos, tykkään kyl ite ruskeesta enemmän ku se on lähempänä omaa väriä ja näyttää luonnollisemmalta :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

oo, mistä oot hankkinut ton lippiksen missä on noita piikkejä? tosi siisti ja sopii muuten hyvin sulle!

Heikki / no7 kirjoitti...

Anonyymi Kiitos, ostin ebaystä. Kyllä niitä mun käsittääkseni muualtakin saa. taisin ettiä vaa hakusanalla spiked cap. Virgin blak myy ainakin myös mun käsittääkseni tommosia, mut vaa aika kallista niillä.

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