updated haircolor

Finally colored my hair again. It's darker now as it's suppose to be. I used the same color as before. The old color had faded so much so it was about time...

Just few pics of me in my new hoodie and haircolor. Also cut my hair a bit but it wasn't very co-operative with me today. idk why.

I bought the red/black hoodie thingie from Tetuan Helsinki. Shirt underneat is from virginblak and that necklace is from ebay.

Oh yes we visited Sweden quickly. I was there with Viivi, Alex & Oona. You can read more from their blogs. But here's me n alex. I was actually wearing a wig, cap and sunglasses the whole trip cause various reasons etc blaablaa.

took the pic from alex's blog as you can see!

here you can see how much my haircolor was faded compared to what it is now after coloring again.
And also my new jacket!!!!!

Also new pants from H&M sale. I seriously think h&m has like the best pants!!!! They fit me so well *laugh*

I've been shopping clothes, underwear, perfume etc quite a lot lately. But at least I'm more satisfied with my wardrobe atm. I think I'm going to sell some of the old stuff away when a proper moment arrives!

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Hannz kirjoitti...

toi kuva susta ja alexista on vaan perrrfect.

Heikki / no7 kirjoitti...

Hannz kiiiitooos ^^

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