recent buys

I have some recent buys to show you guys. 

I wanted a white long hoodie so I found this Warp hoodie from stadium for 19e so I just had to buy it.

I actually bought the "necklace" thing from virgin black a while ago but haven't really used it. It's kind of heavy and  looks stupid with a jacket on so that's why. Maybe i'll use it more when it's more warm outside.

I just had to have something in galaxy print *laugh* So I bought this hoodie from ebay. Can't remember the prize and I'm too lazy to check but it wasn't that expensive and there was many variations about the print.

Now I'm just waiting my new shoes and pants to arrive!! 
Sun has been shining a lot lately so it's nice to take pics!

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Sam kirjoitti...

What a prettyface!

Heikki / no7 kirjoitti...

Sam Thank you :)

xiaoting lu kirjoitti...

woah I love your necklace-thingie! I would want one in gold myself!

c:\schneider kirjoitti...

Serious I am so glad to see other blokes with good style/an interest in style. It really feels rare over here. Nice post!

I feel you on the galaxy print - here in the UK we have Primark, £4 for a galaxy snapback, £8 for a digital print galaxy tee... so tempting cos it's that bad but that GOOD!

Heikki / no7 kirjoitti...

Xiaoting lu Thanks. I don't think there's gold ones out there but surely you got color the black one to gold i think.

c:\schneider Thank you so much! Oh I know primark, visited there few times when I was in UK last time. But sure I think we are on the same page with galaxy print :DDDDD

Hannz kirjoitti...

Toi galaxyhuppari on kyl tosi jees! Sopii sulle nii hyvin c:

Heikki / no7 kirjoitti...

Hannz Kiitoskiitos ^^

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